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Today, I want to bring you the Upcoming lyrical godfather, rap mc Mic Blaze. This artist has recently been rocking the music industry with his lyrical genius. Likened to the early days of Nigerian rap icon M.I,  Mic Blaze still his touch in all his work. We definitely has not seen the last of him.

“I was ere” is a freestyle that showcases the lyrical genius that Mic Blaze is. He shows here that he doesn’t just write mere songs to please the ears of listeners, he puts in strongly worded statements that actually show and teach as about life. 



Listen and Enjoy. 



This was written by a great poet Ina. Powerful and I hope you love it. Please share and comment


There is abhorrence in the landscape
where no flowers grow to hide the truth.
Beside the graves your tired soul keeps post,
unseen to watch us move for hours
towards the new digged hole
as one we loved the most is gone
and we must bury and move on.

The tree trunks stare at us,
their rinds are tortured faces,
disapproving of our thoughtless tred
disturbing as we pass their resting places.
Nothing is said. The rain falls
on the leaves above us and in a million shots
all hope of resurrection is destroyed.

Appalled the grass knows
that it will be crushed under our weight.
This is the date that no one wants to have.
The grave we lay you in, smells of decay
while all of us throw in a handful sand.
A scream comes from the earth,
she takes you back the way she gave you birth.

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A 1000 YEARS

Inspired by the soundtrack from the Twilight movie: Breaking dawn

A 1000 YEARS


That morning was the first time I saw her, that morning was the first time I saw that smile. She was so little; I felt I could carry her with my hands, yet I was weakened by her magnificence. She took over my thoughts. Even my nights were not safe, she had taken over me. What hurt the most was I had not spoken to her. Day after day, I planned. But we days turned into weeks. What was wrong with me, she was just a girl. I had spoken to other girls, it was easy, But why her, what did she do to me.

Every day, I waited for her to walk through those doors. I almost believed that she could read my mind, she walked in every day by 9:46am, and I always came in 46 minutes earlier. My friends didn’t understand me anymore, I was more careful, I spoke less. To be sincere, I knew I had lost my mind; I was trying to be perfect for who I never spoke to. But now I knew it was going to be worth it at end. Two months had passed, I had same routine. But that day came.

The day I decided to be a man, I was going to walk up to her that day. I looked my best, rehearsed my lines, hoping they would be useful. I got to the shop as usual. I just knew that today was the day. But…. something was wrong. It was 9:47am.

I left my cup of tea. I felt something was wrong. Just a few feet away from the shop, a crowd had gathered. As I ran towards the crowd, I prayed hard that I was wrong. Unfortunately, I was right. It was a hit and run, she was knocked down. I rushed in, shouting at the people gathered. I picked her up and started running, a hospital was closed to wear it had happened. I lied I was her boyfriend just to stay till she was okay.

Sometime in the night, the doctor came out. “Mr Olsen” he called out. I went to him and he confirmed she was okay. I was freed to see her. Again my heart started to rush. She was asleep when I went in. I sat by her and took her hand. I had the hope that I could say all I ever wanted to say. I poured out my all to her.

After these words, “I would be here till you wake; I will wait for you, wake up and give me a chance to love you. For months, I have watched you come to the diner, for months I have wanted to talk to you. You can’t go away now I have got the courage; I don’t even know your name”. Just after I said these words, she clinched my hand and whispered “My name is Jane”. Her eyes slowly opened and ten that smile. “I am Olsen, Fred Olsen” I said to her with a little chuckle. She then shocked me when she told me she already knew my name.

We spoke for a long time, it were as if we had known all our lives. It was two in the morning when she slept. I kissed her forehead, then on the lips. She returned the kiss. I slept off on the chair right beside her.

Seven that morning, I woke. I saw her so peaceful, with that smile on her face. I smiled as I reached in to stroke her dark beautiful hair. As I touched her skin, she was cold. She was too cold. As I checked her pulse, I felt nothing. I broke down and tears rolled down my eyes. I called out to the doctors. The same doctor that confirmed to me yesterday that she was alright told me she had passed. I went down on my knees and wept. I grabbed her cold hands and begged her to come back, there were so many things we had not don’t, we had a life together, and she couldn’t leave now. It took two guards to calm me down.

Now, a year later, I stand before her tombstone. She had no one, I was meant to be her only one; I was meant to love her and care for her. If I had just spoken to her back then, one that very day, she wouldn’t be here. The only thing I had left was just a name to remember, “Jane”.




Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem to be,

sometimes, things are what they appear to be.

Sometimes, doing the wrong thing produces the right result,

sometimes, producing the right result is the wrong thing.

Sometimes, silence is the loudest form of speaking,

sometimes, speaking is the loudest form of silence.

Sometimes, walking away is the best way to fight,

sometimes, fighting is the best way of losing.

Sometimes, being realistic is unrealistic,

sometimes, living a fairy tale is the most realistic thing.

Sometimes, being yourself is a waste,

but sometimes, waste brings life.

Sometimes the hardest way is the easiest path,

sometimes, the easiest way is the hardest path.

Sometimes, what seems so far is too close,

sometimes, what is right in front of you is too far to reach.

Sometimes, you lose the one you love,

sometimes, the love you have for one is lost.

Sometimes, death is so painful,

sometimes, it is believed to be the most peaceful.

Sometimes, the less you look, the more you see,

sometimes, the harder you look, the less you see.

Sometimes, I love you is the right times to say,

sometimes, those words can be lethal.

The truth about life is that, there are no straight paths. The way to destruction is also as corny as the path of peace.

Sometimes the sky will be so beautiful, and yet sometimes, so destructive. 

The ways of life can not be written in a book, but a guide can be studied. the ways of true life, are placed within the hearts of every individual.

Sometimes, going up is crashing down,

but sometimes, staying down is flying sky high.






A mindset depends on the individual that creates it. But general mindset wish has been made available to us is the mindset of abundant grace, which is what I’m going to be talking about. This mindset is a kind of catalyst to the already existing mindset, so it becomes kind of a dual mindset like a china phone. Anyway, grace is mindset which has to be believed in, and will explain why it is soon. Once an individual has created a mindset which he or she will live by, just by believing, everything works out according to that mindset. The first time I had an argument on this topic, the major thing that was debated was why it would work for everyone, even bad people. Now, first of all, Christ didn’t come only for the righteous, but for everyone. I am not saying that good grants bad people what they want, I am saying that the freewill which has been given us, is what rules this world. The Holy Ghost is more of a superior assistant. Freewill is what rules, the mindset is our human super power.

The only death that befalls a mindset is doubt. There is no mindset on earth that will not crash to doubt, except that of grace which is actually not of this world. You see, so it is because one has a dual mindset that he can succeed over doubt. Let me very clear, a mindset is infected by doubt because it entertained it. Doubt is the major strength of the devil because, he displays different scenarios that will prove to you that what you embarked on will fail. Now, as doubt is to a stubborn drunk guy at a club, grace is to a built, tall, bouncer that is ready to beat such stubborn people. It doesn’t mean that the small guy can’t win once in a while. A weak mind can always let doubt in. But like I always say, falling down is to know how long one will stay down or how fast he will get up. Once doubt has sunk in, relax, breath, pray, and re think that same thought. Grace is abundant.

A graceful mindset is a better way of interpreting a dual mindset. Graceful mindset is like putting the gate of heaven to shield an ordinary house. But never put the mindset of grace with negative mindset. Negative mindsets are mindsets set out to achieve the negative. Now, putting something divine near something bad is like a ticking nuclear bomb, but a graceful mindset, is one that keeps flying high. 

In summary, create the right mindset; let it lead you to your destination. Have a touch a grace while you are at it, you will be shocked where it will take you.


Love Phranc


Good evening everyone. It has really been a long time since I posted and I sincerely apologise.

Today, I had my regular mind trips, which led me to a very common and known fact about relationships. Many people have had their opinions about how a couple should exist and live. I decided to put it in my own way. 

I once saw I post on twitter that talked about the bonds of a relationship being destroyed by guys most especially. I do agree with this but not completely. There are so many things that parties in relationships are yet to understand. I originally wtote this article as a story and I think it is the only way I can share my own view.

She was still asleep when I brought breakfast to the room,

I smiled as I look at her face.

With her hair scattered on the bed,

She still look more beautiful than the setting sun.

Making up my mind to look for the tigress’ trouble,

I picked her up like my baby, patting her on the back.

She was so heavy, but after 7 years with her,

You tend to ignore the weight.

She suddenly pushed me on the bed,

Picking up a pillow,  she started hitting me. 

“You done dey craze bah, na me you dey carry like pikin shey”.

She definitely beat me silly.

Anyway, when I was watching the dishes, she came in with on my golfing shirt and hugged me from behind.

She knewvi wanted to play golf today, she definitely knew.

She then went into the parlour. 

Few minutes later, she called out and told me to come so that she will teach me how to play these video game I always brag about. 

No one challenges me, talk more a girl, talk more her.

It was going to be her first time playing me,

It was not going to be good for her.

But I couldn’t turn down a gaming challenge. 

She had put on street fighter.

with that big smile on my face, I took thr pad.

15 games later, that smile was turned upside down. 

20 games later,  I was now furious.

She dropped the pad and pat my head

“You tried, you almost won that last games”.

That was putting salt on injury.

She then put me on my back. Laughing at me, she lay on my chest.

Believe me, na small thing I for cry.

She then leaned over and kissed me.

After 2 minutes of her lips, it was like I just woke.

“When did you put on my shirt?”

She laughed and kissed.  


This is how a couple should actually be. It sure does look like a fantasy, but it is sure attainable. There will always be fights and disagreements, but guys, always find a way to fix it before tomorrow.

The next article will talk on how lies can actually be worse than cheating.